Downtempo Electronic + Remixes

Downtempo Electronic + Remixes Playlist by Canadian music producer moon:and:6There were only two record shops in the small town where I grew up, but I spent hours there regardless. Pre-internet, it was one of the only ways to find interesting new music. Diana Ross’ low-key yet assertive disco hit “Upside Down” was already on my heavy rotation list. I supplemented my collection with 12-inch maxi singles like Falco’s “The Sound of Muzik” and Men Without Hats’ “Moonbeam.” I loved Delia Derbyshire’s arrangement of the Doctor Who theme, and got heavily into the Art of Noise after first hearing “Paranoimia” (the track featuring Max Headroom). Later on, I discovered DJ Shadow, Daft Punk, and Air — still some of my favourite music today.