What software do you recommend for demoing or home recording?

Use whatever software you’re most comfortable with. But if I had to make a case for one piece of software, I suggest REAPER.

I use REAPER. I’m a huge fan. I used Logic and Pro Tools as my main recording software for over ten years before switching to REAPER. REAPER offers a 60 day demo with no functional limitations, which means you can get to know the software before buying ($60 for a non-commercial license, $220 for a commercial license — same software, they use the honour system here).

REAPER is available for Mac or PC. I’ve used it on both platforms, and — as far as my experience goes — it’s extremely stable. The drawback is that REAPER doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles that software like Logic does. However, what it does come with is very, very good. It is professional level software, and so there’s a learning curve. That said, if you spend the time to learn it, you’ll save yourself lots of time (and money) in the future.

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